Colombia: Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay draw against rivals in Copa America | United States Cup 2021

Decisive dates in Copa America. The last day of the group stage this Sunday begins with two matches in Group B and the remaining two matches in Group A next Monday.

With this, the positions of each team will be defined, resulting in crosses in the quarterfinals. What will be the rival of the Colombian national team?

The conditions describing the situation on page B of the table are almost defined: with Brazil closing as head, Colombia will be third in its region except for the Ecuadorian miracle.

In the line of these ideas, Reynolds Ruda’s team will have no conflict with the two selected from Zone A: already eliminated Bolivia and Chile will be in third or fourth place. With this, their potential competitors will come from Argentina (1st), Paraguay (2nd) or Uruguay (4th).

Assuming Colombia will be in third place, its rival will be the second classified team from the rest of the group. Here we analyze each possible competitor and remember the balance of the last conflict.

Colombia vs Argentina

Currently Lionel Messi is the chairman of Group A. The maximum that can fall is coming in second, thus facing the national team. For this to happen, you have to lose or draw with Bolivia, and the fight between Paraguay and Uruguay has a winner.

The most recent fight between the Colombians and Argentina took place on June 8 in a qualifier, with one of the two ending in a tie. Prior to that, the two teams met in Copa America 2019, a 2-0 victory for the coffee growers.

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Colombia vs Paraguay

If the table of positions in Group A does not move, Reynolds Ruda’s team will face Eduardo Periso. Undoubtedly the Quran was the great surprise of the championship.

The last abduction between the two took place in Copa America 2019, the day the triangle won by the smallest difference. Prior to that, they were measured by those eligible to travel to Russia in 2017. The Paraguayans won 1-2 in Barranquilla.

Colombia vs Uruguay

Directed by Oscar Washington Tabares, they are somewhat in fourth place. Second, they only use it to beat Paraguay on the last day, of course Argentina adds against Bolivia.

The last Colombian Sarria match took place in November 2020 for the qualifiers, when Celeste took the historic 0-3 win over Barranquilla. Before that, they faced each other for qualifications, but Russia 2018, and the result was 2-2.

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