Exporters protect Guillermo Ochoa; They consider sending to the bank unnecessary

The ‘Pogo Memo’ is unnecessary as former goalkeeper coach Alberto Aguilar and other goalkeepers of the Mexican national team lose the title due to mistakes made against Canada.

Mexico – Former coach Guillermo Ochoa In two World Cup cycles he raised his voice and confirmed as a goalkeeper Mexican team Do not go to the bank for a mistake.

Alberto Aguilar Placeholder Image, Former goalkeeper coach in positions Ricardo La Wolf, Sven-Koran Erickson And Javier Aguirre, Confirmed that the failure was not a sufficient reason to send Memo Ochoa To the bank.

“Memo has to play again, he had a technical failure, not mental health, travel error, he should not go to the bench,” Aguilar said.

“He only missed the second goal; This is not how you measure the goalkeeper. For me he should continue to play because he played better in other games. He did not release balls or he did not play out of position on his field. So he has to keep playing.

“He was the best before the playoffs started, and now he’s the worst. Can’t hide, he played well. “ Aguilar.

He said that after that mistake, Memo performed better and played with more confidence, without releasing easy balls.

“We know going out is not his strongest outfit, it’s not that he’s never going out. Cut and paste under the posts. He won a good World Cup in 2014 and 2018. We all make mistakes, so he’s not going to stop playing.”

Meanwhile, the former archer Adrian Chavez He did not believe that Memo should not be crucified or go to the bank.

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“Those of us who have been goalkeepers know that we are our highest judges. I am sure you know you made a mistake; unfortunately he did it in a special match. Mexico He did not play well and that is why they want to remove the national coach, which is disrespectful, ”he said.

“We have to keep our mouths shut, support and wait for the World Cup to be criticized. What happens is part of the process. They criticize the memo and the defenders did not make it worse, worse or better. Memo made a mistake and rejected the ball and threw it aside, why didn’t a defender pick up the ball from us? Everything goes together; Football is about the union, “he said Chavez.

Second, Alan Cruz, The goalkeeper coach at Mazatlan, noted Memo Ochoa’s performance and pointed out that it is easy for fans to criticize.

“We’re fans, we criticize the goalkeeper. Memo had a difference of opinion on that ball, but we do not know if it’s moving; only he and his goalkeeping coach know it, the rest are exaggerated.

“Memo also had a lot of good shows. Yes, he did wrong, but he saved 20 of us, ”he concluded.

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