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The objective of Mendoza Makers Challenge, which ran over three days in the Godoy Cruz ICT pole It was for students with their teachers to share a space in which it is possible to integrate mathematics with art, science and technology through challenges that can be replicated in the classroom and transform education.

The Director General of Schools, José Thomas, visited the space on Thursday and presented awards and recognitions to students and schools. Also present were Mayor of Godoy Cruz, Tadeo García Zalazar; the director of Technical Education and Labor, Carlos Daparo; the Director of Educational Quality Planning, Silvina Del Pópolo; the director of Secondary Education, Emilio Moreno, and the director of Private Education, Beatriz Della Savia.

“We came to accompany a very interesting activity, which took place today, Thursday, where high school students in conjunction with companies solving particular problems, linking the world of work with education. These activities are fundamental thinking about the future and the productive matrix of Mendoza and the need to unite education and work. Mendoza Markers is a great learning space ”, expressed José Thomas.

For its part, Carlos DaparoHe also visited the space and thanked the business sector for connecting with the students. “Mendoza is taking a step forward through these proposals, we must improve and we must believe, next year we hope to have the Markers Month,” he said. In addition, he argued that more work needs to be done on projects and the last years of high school prepare students more for the world of work.

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Silvina Del Pópolo explained that it is a space for all educational levels and to generate a community of teachers who take the methodology of inquiry and challenges.

While, Julio Totero, president of the metallurgical company Azul Técnica SA, said that this educational space was very important for share and exchange knowledge. “The students, with all their ingenuity and all their abilities and accompanied by their teachers, proposed to solve problems. From our company we thank the General Directorate of Schools for summoning us. We want to keep getting closer so that together, between companies and schools, we can interpret what happens to citizens. We want to continue with this experience and that next year we can work throughout the year ”, concluded Totero.

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