Unidentified! Umar Sapporo is like this with 14 extra kilos without a shirt | News from Mexico

Tijuana Baja California.- Omar Chaparro is unrecognizable on his social networks, showing off his overweight body And he surprised his fans, who could not believe what they saw, but in the end they sent him all the support and recognized his professionalism.

When it was revealed that Omar Chaparro was filming his new film, he not only starred in it, he also produced it. Before starting the diet and returning to his workouts, the actor wanted to make himself look like he is today.

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The Chihuahua actor uploaded some photos on his Instagram account in which he appeared shirtless For the role of “Julian Alvarez” from the movie “The Wingwalker” he shows his “little fish” on his body by gaining 14 kg of the 20 kg he should have gained.

# The time to say goodbye to Julian Alvarez and this 14kg with him is near. I ask you to give me all your tips and advice on how to reduce them, what exercises, diets or supplements do you recommend ???? I read it all, ”Chaparro wrote.

What is the title of Omar Chaparro’s new film ‘The Wingwalker’?

In an exclusive interview with Omar Sapporo Healy Team, The translator talked about his character “Julian Alvarez” and “The Wingwalker” recorded in Baja California, Tijuana. Alfonso Alvarez.

This is the story of an American citizen of Mexican descent whose daughter needed a heart transplant, And the day the heart recognizes, that day He was deported after discovering that he was not an American citizen. I want you to be who you are, but they told me that no one recognizes you, that’s what we are working on, that is part of the character, ”he explained.

According to the personal Facebook account of the film’s director and co-writer, Recordings in Tijuana began on October 11, And some netizens have shared pictures of the shoot in places like Beaches of Tijuana, “Carita El Supral” And area Rosarito.

One of the co-writers and actors of the film Max Arseneca, Announced in some media that the project has been managed since 2013 and has been able to fulfill the dream of more than a decade with the support of Alfonso Alvarez and Omar Sapporo until today.

He explained that he would also star in Omar Chaparro and “The Wingwalker” Julio Bracho.

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