The new Dwarf Castle user interface is so cute, I still cry, it still looks like that

If you do not play Dwarf Castle, Incredibly detailed fantasy world simulator, you can not understand how much dreaming to play. This is not ASCII graphics that will embarrass you, but menus that hide common information and actions through countless different large menus, each of which must be accessed with a different push of a button.

Take a look at the screenshot above. You might think that the user interface of a conflicting game from the early 2000s is not yet art licensed. But I feel bad.

This is a sequential menu display for Kidfox’s Dwarf Castle Steam re-release, which aims to access the game with a nice set of tiles and menu upgrades. What you see above does not yet contain an art paragraph, According to a Steam blog post about it, But it is an attempt to gather important information and actions in one place while the player examines a particular tile and the creatures in it.

“Tabs and overboxes are constantly evolving, but the picture here is the one we’ve been in the game with so far,” the post read. “Between the physical characteristics, mental characteristics, features and beliefs of the personality, the game will select the six strongest or most unique ones and preview them. Next, you can access the complete data set from the tabs; the purpose of these boxes is to answer simple questions and provide the best taste and context. Objects, skills, levels And that goes for the rest. Complete data and options can be found in the tabs, with a summary at the top level. “

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If there are more than one dwarf or creature in the tiles you are exploring, you can navigate through the “small tabs that appear on the right”. It should be comfortable for the birds to go Nate’s bird hole, E.g.

The proposed release date for the steam version of Dwarf Castle is not yet known, but it is. Several development updates each month Anyone who wants to follow. This is the most awaited game in the world.

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