Dr. Radu Zamfir gave birth to the daughter of one of the saving movements

The event took place in the commune of Horea. The wedding of Gheorghe Trif’s daughter, Nicoleta, 19, took place according to the traditions of the area and began in the afternoon, according to AFP. The groom, a young man from the commune, came with processions to take his bride from home, then all the bride and groom went to the town hall for the civil wedding.

The religious wedding was held at the “San Miguel y Gabriel” Church in Horea, the commune where the plane carrying the medical crew crashed. The godparents of the two young men were the doctor Radu Zamfir and his wife, Diana. The wedding was also attended by Dr. Cătălin Pivniceru and co-pilot Răzvan Petrescu, who were also injured in the plane crash in Apuseni, as a result of which Adrian Iovan and Aura Ion lost their lives.

Around 350 people attended the wedding party that took place in the cultural center of Horea, being the traditional menu in the Apuseni mountains area.

Gheorghe Trif asked the doctor to be her godfather

At the end of August, the father of the bride, Gheorghe Trif, asked Radu Zamfier to be the best man at his daughter’s wedding, because he has many memories of him since the plane crash.

“I spoke with Dr. Zamfir on the phone then, before we started looking for them, Aura Ion, myself and I went down the mountain to take them to the ambulances,” Gheorghe Trif said.

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