The United States has allowed Turkey to buy Russian S-400 anti-aircraft systems

Mediafox reported on Monday afternoon that the Donald Trump administration had announced sanctions against NATO ally Turkey over Ankara’s decision to acquire Russian S-400 anti-aircraft systems.

Reuters reports that US Treasury sanctions target Turkish security firm.

The decision by the Donald Trump administration will affect Turkey’s already tense economy and create further tensions between Washington and Ankara.

“Today’s decision sends a clear signal that the United States (…) will not tolerate significant deals with Russia in the field of security and communications,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was quoted as saying by ABC News.

“I urge Turkey to work with the United States to resolve the issue of the S-400 immediately. Turkey is a valuable ally and a key US partner in regional security. Pompeo said.

Turkey bought a Russian S-400 anti-ballistic and anti-aircraft system in July 2019, but the case created alliances between Turkey and the United States within NATO. The United States has warned that S-400 systems will not be compatible with NATO equipment, raising fears that classified technical information on US military F-35 aircraft could be exposed. In this context, the Washington administration stopped Ankara from participating in the F-35 radar invisible flight program.

Author: Liviu Gojan

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