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WhatsApp is at the center of a global scandal due to the announcement that it will share data with Facebook. If you do not accept it, your account will be closed. Now we have a new announcement.

The change that WhatsApp wanted to make was active on February 8th. But he has now announced that things are changing a little. Extend the period until May. Then it decided to postpone the entry into force of the new terms of use for a period of three months. It tries to reassure users that their personal data is being protected.

“We will postpone the date that users will have to read and accept the Terms of Use.”
The WhatsApp

The changes are the same, the terms are the same, the deadline has only been moved to May 15th.

Several critics have interpreted WhatsApp’s recent announcement that it will share data with Facebook as an attempt by the app to share more users’ personal data with its parent company, Facebook, which bought WhatsApp in 2014. Thus, the ads will be more targeted, and Facebook will learn more about users. .

However, app representatives claim that they only share with Facebook the data that users share with various companies that work on WhatsApp, such as online stores. According to them, the change aims to help companies better communicate with their customers through this platform.

What is important for Romanians who use WhatsApp

This app is popular and has more than 2 billion users around the world. However, Romania is a member of the European Union, which restricts such violations. Thus, the May 15 change will not affect you as much as it does in India, the United States or other countries where there are no stricter laws and rules regarding personal data.

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But keep these three settings in mind, to stay quieter. But if you want to abandon the app, and switch to Signal, you have a guide here on how to send messages without other people realizing that you are typing. Or, you can try Telegram.

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