PLD’s shameless defense against Danilo Medina

A frightening defense is considered leadership and leaders at this time Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) Regarding the notes made Ministry of Public Works Al Former President Danilo Medina In the removed network file Antipulpo.

Only the spokesman for the delegates until yesterday PLD members And Gustavo Sanchez, a member of the Political Committee, put forward a firm argument, while members of the political body that was consulted said they would not comment and that they were under surveillance and others were silent.

Sanchez considered it an emphasis on the media Former President Medina should be held accountable for the personal actions of everyone in her family or the actions of the officials who were part of her government would be a great heinous act.

“I look at it with great concern Ministry of Public Works You have to allow. Their function is to send files to the courts, ”he said in a statement. PLD.

‘S harassment is due to the Director General Ministry of Public Works, Yeni Berenice Reinoso and PepsiCo leaders Wilson Camacho and Wilson Camacho are seeking to establish power on the basis of identifying individuals affiliated with the LTTE. PLD In corruption offenses

According to the Office of the Special Attorney for Harassment Corruption Executive (Pepco), A set of actions that are supposed to be directly instructed by the executive, acted as the basis of the corporate network. Juan Alexis Medina And on the web of criminals.

An external view

Is true Relatives, Relatives and Former officers His government has been accused of corrupt practices Former President Danilo Medina In a difficult situation, it affects not only your figure but also yourself Dominican Liberation Party (PLD)

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This is how they feel Political scientists Those who predict that the former president’s remarks at the judicial level will continue, suggest that he take leave from his duties as chairman. PLD.

Jesus Funo removes all doubt until the name of Medina in this case is clear Antipulpo, Should stay away from the party.

His opinion is that Danilo should be available to him Ministry of Public Works, Because he exaggerates himself before his party and public opinion; “Failure to do so will, on the contrary, sow doubt and curiosity.”

“Until his name in the case becomes clear, I think all doubts should be removed Antipulpo, Either by commission or by default, must be licensed as party leader, ”he stressed.

Well, he recalled what 2000 was like Former President Appeared in the presence of Lionel Fernandez Ministry of Public Works After being specified in the final Minimum Employment Plan (PEME).


From 2007 to 2020, millions will have Lucia Medina for her political campaign.

For Daniel Pou, the first thing to establish is that a reference and an accusation are very different things.

“The Former President Danilo Medina He will appear in many files because he was precisely the president, and here in the country there is presidential rule, where more power is concentrated in direct action, ”Pou explained.

He argued that we should wait until the cases are clarified and see if certain elements arise against Medina, but when this happens “you have to understand that Danilo is going to appear in many circumstances.”

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Explained that politically PLD In the absence of leadership with a consistent strategy and a little management it hits its tail.

“The PLD This is a party in a very deep crisis situation, especially the credibility crisis and because they do not understand it they will point their cannons to the wrong place, but I think they know they have a lot to do. It is trying to save many of its leaders from the most serious charges, “he said.

Mentioned and charged

Former Republican President Danilo Medina’s name has been mentioned 90 times in the file against the defendants in the Antipulpo case prepared by the Ministry of Public Works. The indictment, which has more than 3,400 pages, cites that after Medina’s inauguration in August 2012, various members of his family “began to increase their influence in various events of the Dominican state, apparently from the presidency.” . In this case, 27 people and 21 companies are involved in corruption. Among the accused are brothers of former President Danilo Medina: Juan Alexis, Carmen Magalis Medina, Milciats, Lucia, Araselis, and Yatixa Ebelin.

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