J Balvin: “I’m Pretty Sure The Pope Loves Reggaeton”

Colombian singer and songwriter J Balvin participated in a meeting with other artists today Pope Francis at the Vatican More than two hours and the pontiff “loves reggaeton” and promised to have a “good relationship” with him.

“I’m sure he likes reggaeton. If he likes soccer, he likes reggaeton,” Jay Balvin told a small group of media, including EFE, after his meeting with Francisco. “I was talking to him and we had a good relationship and I’m going to give him a record so he can get it,” he laughed.

Joining other artists such as Jay Balvin, Mexican Eduardo Verástegui and Alexander Acha, the meeting convened by the Vide Foundation seeks to “explore how the arts, media and entertainment can be used to promote unity, trust and encounter among people worldwide.

The producer said her meeting with Francisco was “brutal”. “Truth seen Pope Francisco It fills you with satisfaction and I am proud to be the first Latin Pope,” he said. “Pope Francis has brought something new to the Vatican, to Catholicism, and his humility is exemplary,” he added.

About what was discussed during the meeting, the singer highlighted: “With my music, I can help with my concerts. Music is a way to send positive messages. I think I can send a good message with my songs, I can talk about it. Love, because I believe that God is love and mercy. .”

For young people, Jay Balvin suggested they listen to or read interviews with Francis so they can understand his message because he is “completely different from previous popes.”

“For me, this is the best pope,” added the artist, who praised the route Pope Speaking to young people “Be real.

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“He’s ‘cool’ because he shows himself, in this position of so much responsibility and privilege, he acts like the same person who left his neighborhood, which is what everyone says. He’s real, he does. He doesn’t want to change his essence to become pope,” Jay Balvin explained. He was excited after the appointment.

During the meeting behind closed doors, Mr Pope Francisco He addressed them with a few words and then held a conversation with all of them, asking them what they could contribute or how they could be more committed to achieve more beauty in the world, some of the participants told EFE.

In a brief statement, the Vatican said the pope pointed to certain paths of communication, such as “truth, good, and especially beauty for artists, the path of thought.”

“You preachers of beauty!” The Pope told them: “Beauty is good, beauty heals, beauty takes you forward on the path!”

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