WhatsApp trick to plan your Christmas messages

Today we will introduce you Trick Within use Share You know how to program to automatically send your messages for Christmas, so keep reading.

If you want to greet all your friends and family through WhatsApp on Christmas Eve, we will teach you how to plan your time Posts And send them at the same time.

As you can see, we are from a few days Christmas, And probably like every year, you want to send partying messages to your family and friends via WhatsApp.

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That’s why here we show you how to program those greetings and enjoy Christmas Eve for a long time.

The truth is, during December 24th, more than one person waited from 12 midnight to 12 midnight and received many messages to congratulate you on the Christmas holiday, but because you received so many messages, you are either confused or sent the message. Without time.

So that this does not happen to you, you can schedule automatic messaging whenever you want, this way you no longer need to write quickly and enjoy Christmas in your immediate environment.

This option will no doubt make things easier for you, useful not only for Christmas, but also for New Year and various dates this year and next.

So without further ado, here we will show you the option to do it from iOS and Android devices.

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Steps to plan WhatsApp message

  • You must first enter Google Play.
  • Then look at the Vasavi application and download and grant permissions to the contact list especially when it is already downloaded.
  • Now click on the “+” code and you will be asked to select the user for whom you want to send WhatsApp message, select the contact and set the time and date you want to send.
  • Write a WhatsApp message for Christmas and add pictures or videos to your message.
  • Click “Send” and enable the Wasabi function to send you a notification a few minutes before sending it.

Keep in mind that you can modify the WhatsApp message you have already programmed, however, this can only be done if it has not been sent yet.

After completing all the steps you have already programmed to send the WhatsApp message in Vasavi without any problem, however you should take into account that this application is only available on Android devices.

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