Player trick to free up space in Diablo IV

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Diablo IV It has been out for a few months on PC and consoles around the world as if no time has passed since the previous installment. The creators certainly did not have it A brutal number of old and new players Who have already tried it (and spent hundreds of hours to obtain weapons, spells, and builds that can deal with monsters and demons). Did you exceed all expectations? definitely.

It became a company title in itself Big bombs of the season; A year that will be remembered for the quality and strength of its titles, with premieres no less important than the remake of Dead Space, the continuation of Zelda or the return of Spiderman in a delivery that promises to reach its artistic peak.

Diablo IV aspires to be the king of its class Action RPGFor many, it is a clear candidate for the best games of the year list. they Playable news In the campaign and in the multiplayer mode and new mechanics have brought joy and green pastures to all those who have been waiting for years for the return of one of the most important games in the history of the medium.

Return to the Land of Santuario was not a disappointment, despite its beautiful details. The game is not devoid of problems and puzzles that come back to cause us problems. the Inventory ManagementOne of the great classic headaches, It is a stumbling block again That we have to deal with.

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Fortunately, the Internet always offers its own more bizarre alchemy and solutions, and there are actually forums on Reddit dedicated exclusively to advising players on how to optimize their inventory storage space. The title player has found the solution.

How to improve inventory in Diablo IV easily

The community has been asking for weeks in various forums and subreddits on Reddit what this is. The best way to expand your game inventory spaceOr at least how to manage a bug to turn it into an advantage. Officially, according to all evidence, this is not possible. Inventory space, where we store weapons, armor, jewelry, and items spread throughout the sanctuary grounds 33 holes. Not one more, not one less.

As our character level, farm resources and inventory increase It ends up filling up very quicklyto the point where management becomes too cumbersome and we have to do it Constantly ignoring things To make room for new ones.

A few weeks ago, U/Born_Pension_8210), a Reddit user With enough free time to research alternative ways to cheat the game system, get involved Little trick Which I found to “bridge” this problem. Creatively, yes. It is unlikely that the game’s designers relied on this development.

Free up inventory space Dropping gems on the recovery team.” books. A very simple solution that made the day, month and year for all title players who suffered from the problem of lack of space.

Let’s put ourselves in context, The inventory space assigns different variables and boxes to items. Gems need a special section, but if they are combined with equipment or weapons, and then we get them again in the city later, we will have the possibility of getting free gems.

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The community was quick to celebrate this information He thanked the inventor of the trick with cheers and congratulations for his humanitarian work. “I confirm it works.” “He is very smart.”

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