Bruce Willis’ daughter Tallulah delivers an emotional message about her father’s health

Media Closer Weekly reported it a week later Bruce Willis He no longer recognizes his ex-wife Demi MooreNow it’s Tallulah who has spoken about her father’s health on Drew Barrymore’s talk show and tried to put a positive spin on the matter.

“He’s the same, and I’ve learned that’s the best thing you can ask for in that way, I see love when I’m with him, he’s my father and he loves me, it’s very special,” Tallulah replied. Drew asked her because of her father’s condition.

The youngest daughter of Willis and Demi More explained that her father suffers from a very aggressive and strange cognitive disease, which is why he and his family, including the actor’s second wife, the model. Emma HemingIt’s important to talk about the condition and raise awareness about it, which is why the “Die Hard” star has been so open about communicating the progress of her illness.

“As a family, if we can take anything from what we struggle with individually,

Helping other people, turning it around, doing something beautiful about it, that’s very special to us,” Tallulah said.

Willis’ daughter now focuses on spending time with her father, explaining that whether it’s playing guitar or reliving a part of his story through photographs, she tries to capture as many of these moments with the actor as she can so she can remember him. He is not now.

“The part that’s been really cool for me to recover from is becoming a kind of archaeologist of my father’s world, because of his little things.” The actor was discovered last year AphasiaA neurological disease that affects speech, it forced Bruce Willis to retire, but a year later it was revealed that it was only a symptom of the real condition. Foreskin narrowingA progressive neurological disorder that impairs your cognition and memory.

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