Play billiards in space

This is a science I’m ignoring, but the BBC. lo explicó en palabras sencillas: A unos 11 millones de kmts de distancia de la tierra orbita un asteroide doble, compuesto por dos rocas “didymo” de 780 mts y “dimorphos” de 163, de diámetro, y que a su vez giran entree yes. NASA for several years. He studies how to divert the path of a potentially dangerous asteroid to the planet, avoiding a collision. If a cosmic body a few hundred meters in diameter collides with the Earth, it can cause great destruction. Scientists have prepared a rocket called DART (Double Asteroid Redirection) to hit smaller asteroids (dimorphos) and deflect it slightly from its orbit. The idea is that the impact causes it to change course, like when two billiard balls collide. Changing the velocity of an object, perhaps, in centimeters per second. This is not much, but in the case of the Earth, it would be enough to prevent a collision. None of the asteroids are on their way to Earth, and they are also very far away, and none present an imminent danger, but the test can be used if one does. The ship finally took off from Earth, on the morning of Wednesday, September 21, 2022. It’s a SpaceX Falcon rocket, from the Vandenberg space station in California.

Jonathan Amos, BBC science correspondent. Tonight it was reported that the space probe successfully crashed on Monday 11.26.2022 against the asteroid. It will take several weeks for the photographs to be appreciated. NASA is doing its job wisely in space, we must do it here by avoiding global warming on the planet by our own means.

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