The love of Fernando Kolunga who already has everything ready to bid farewell to this world

Fernando Colunga

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Fernando Colunga is one of the most famous soap opera actors in the entire history of Mexico and even those who haven’t seen his show, definitely know him. He stands out for a first-rate novel Heartbeat, but has multiple hits in each of his novels.

He has even interacted with a few as tension and curiosity will undoubtedly run high on set. However, many have definitely ended up with a broken heart in both fantasy and reality.

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Fernando Kolunga’s true status has been revealed and fans are worried

Fernando Kolunga has a new partner, with Mite Peroni giving him the franchise

This time there was something that completely stole Kolunga’s breath but hers didn’t happen and the girl’s life changed completely.

This is Leticia Calderon

Colunga and Calderon in ‘Esmeralda’

It all happened in the 1997 soap opera ‘Esmeralda’, where Colunga and Calderon’s characters fell completely in love, but it was fictional.

In real life, Calderon had a serious medical condition that would have sent her to the hospital. She recovers, but she prepares for a fatal outcome, as she has already declared for her ‘venga la alegria’, and she has already arranged her will so that her children will not have problems while she is gone.

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