Why Max Verstappen Couldn’t Finish Qualifying in Singapore?

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Rarely seen So mad at Max Verstappen with his team Red bull Like this Saturday in Singapore. And that’s it The Dutch driver was called to the pits When I had to give Designed to take the last lap and possibly pole in Q3But the decision cost him Leave the win to Charles Leclerc of Ferrari.

However, the Verstappen’s frustration was evident And how it made him feel You communicate with your team by radio When he enters the pit.

In hell! In hell! I don’t understand, guys, I don’t understand!”The Dutchman shot more than annoyed, and couldn’t find anyone Your team’s answer, who limited themselves in responding; “Let’s talk about that…“.

What happened to Verstappen at Gwalior in Singapore?

Yes right So far no one from Red Bull has spoken About forcing a call Max Verstappen For pits, everything indicates that it was The petrol they supplied to his car at the start of Q3The same Does not meet FIA requirements They called for avoiding further sanction and He was reprimanded for finishing eighth in the class.

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