Photographer captures a strange image as he orbits the moon at the International Space Station (PHOTO)

The photo was taken as the astronauts were preparing for space travel.

Achieved by space photographer Andrew McCarthy Capture Images International Space Station (ISS) It went in front of the Copernicus abyss Luna, Because astronauts are ready to perform an outdoor operation (EVA, for its abbreviation in English).

McCarthy, based in Sacramento, California, USA, shared a picture of himself using his telescope on social media on Sunday, February 28, where he commented at first glance. Solar panels are missing.

“Because, despite being in a structure facing the earth (and the direction of the sun), half of the panels are found on the edge. So why is this happening?” Wrote the photographer.

He then pointed out that the picture had been taken “In an EVA product”. “Nothing to worry about! And I have something cool and rare Photo. About my favorite groove (Copernicus), no less, “he commented.

What else, Insisted It became one of his “favorite” films not only for “capturing a spaceship from Earth” but also for being “clearly” visible. Restoration of the solar system Due to a mission broadcast live from NASA. “This is one of the rare moments in which changes in structure due to a purpose can be easily seen from Earth,” he concluded.

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