Simple Ways To Transfer Contacts From Android Phone To iPhone

StatCounter claims that the Android operating system runs on more than 72% of smartphones, but at some point the user wants to transfer his phone from Android to an iPhone running iOS, but it is difficult to transfer some all the data to the new phone. Contacts, so we will show you 4 ways to easily transfer contacts from Android phone to iPhone:

1- Move to iOS app and use:

(Move to iOS) The app is one of the few Apple apps available in the Google Play Store, and aims to help users of Android phones quickly and easily transfer data, including contacts to the new iPhone.

The app allows you to transfer data such as contacts, news, photos, videos, bookmarks, email accounts and calendars directly to the iPhone.

To learn how to use the app, you can review the article: “Quick Way to Transfer Your Phone from Android Phone to New iPhone SE”.

2- Use Google Sync:

Although Apple does not usually support users of the Android operating system, Google is the only exception, as most of its services and features work well on phones running the iOS operating system, and you can use the Google Sync service to easily change your data: Connect.

Note that this service will only work if you have already synced contacts with your Google Account, as this feature does not enable some devices by default, and then transferring all your contacts to Google servers will make it easier to transfer them to the iPhone. So, follow these steps:

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Open the app on the iPhone (Settings).
Click Option (Mail) Mail.
Click on the “Accounts” option and then select “Add Account”.
Enter your Gmail address.
Click Option (Sync Account).

After a few minutes, all contacts synced via Google account on Android phone will be transferred to iPhone.

3- Manual transfer of contacts:

If you do not want to use the previous two methods, you can manually transfer contacts by creating a (VCF) file and transferring it to the iPhone, to do so, follow the steps below:

Open the Contact app on your Android phone.
Click the three dots to open the main menu.
From the menu that appears, click Import / Export.
Click Option (Export to Storage).
This will create a VCF file and save it to your phone.
Send this file to your iPhone via any messaging or email application.

After opening this file on iPhone, all contacts will be added.

4- Use your SIM card:

The SIM card can be used to transfer contacts from your phone, and if you encounter a problem with your Google Account, or if you are not connected to the Internet or do not want to share your data with Google for any reason, it may be helpful to do so by following these steps:

Open the app on your Android phone (Contacts).
Click the three dots above to open the main menu.
From the menu that appears, press the option (Contact Manager).
Press the option (Manage SIM card contacts).
Select the option (Import from Phone).

To transfer contacts to iPhone now, follow these steps:

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Insert the SIM card in the designated port on the iPhone.
Open the app on the phone (Settings).
Click Option (Contacts).
Click the option (Import SIM contacts) to start the transfer process.
When the process is complete, all contacts will be saved on the iPhone.

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