YouTube is improving its search engine with more visual results and videos translated into your language

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Whatever you are looking for, it will always be Some results on YouTube. But sometimes the hand stretches For the most relevant content What you are looking for is a frustrating experience By Limitations Owned Seeker.

Pablo Paniagua, director Product management To YouTube search, h Announced Two major improvements this week YouTube search engine.

The first “visual” results. Now you can see the pictures of the chapters where a video is divided Directly In search results, get an idea Of Or what are you going to see Jump For a video episode Specific Instead of looking at it in its entirety. On the other hand, they no longer appear alone Video frames in the results. Inside now YouTube mobile application As happens in the web version, you will see the full footage of the video without opening it Desktop site.

Associated with the second improvement That More content in other languages Accessible to all. EIn this sense, YouTube will start Display videos That was the first They are inside Other languages With The verses, titles and descriptions will be automatically translated into your own language, There is no relevant content in your own language. In the words of Paniagua: “eThis means that someone in Thailand can learn about quantum physics from an MIT professor Visitors to Brazil can explore the Grand Canyon from home, with subtitles in their language.

This second function will then start executing with videos in English Expands in other languages. YouTube also tests the third aspect that appears Your search does not contain relevant or standard content: in short, Links to websites and other Google search results on YouTube. This function It is being tested In India and Indonesia, but can expand To other countries depending on the feedback.

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