National Libertadores 2021 | In its first scene the Libertadores Cup featuring a Paraguayan rival

It was first known that Caracas would be FC Junior’s rival in the second round, and then Guara became Atletico National’s rival at the same event as Copa Libertadores. The Paraguayans drew 1-1 on the second leg, but fell 1-4 on the first leg.

Led by Alexandre Guimaraes, the Asuncion will play on March 11 at 7:30 p.m. The crossing will be resolved on March 18 in Medellin.

How did the Quran progress?

Guarane drew 1-1 with Royal Compassion this Wednesday in the second leg of the first round of the Copa Libertadores, and they qualified for the second leg to face Atletico National.

Angel Benades highlighted the locals with a low cross from Nicolas Mane of Argentina in the 59th minute, while Jose Florenton, 73, equalized for the Bolivians when he tried to destroy a shot without Rodrigo’s net goal. Cabrera when we have information.

Without working hard on a heavy terrain and with water glass in many fields due to heavy rain, the Paraguayan used eleven wins (1-4), endorsing the trophy that made its debut in Santa Cruz, Bolivia last week.

The Bolivian team tried to retain the controversy for the ball in the same dismissal of goalkeeper Caspar Cervio, who returned after being killed by Golit-19, but ran into a neat and well-rounded rival waiting for the counter-attack.

The performance of Bolivia goalkeeper Jorge Aras, especially in the aerial shots, included at least two in the first half and several in the second half, but the rain prevented the first half from being very energetic.

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Servino, the Argentine goalkeeper for the Aurinecro team, also provided his inspiration after deflecting a powerful shot from midfield from Honduran Rubilio Castillo.

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