“I thought it was disrespectful.”


Brian Beckels He is one of the soccer players with a long history in the Honduran national team, abroad and in the city National LeagueNow he continues to add titles to the series Olympia.

Ahead of Merengue’s tour of the United States, the player took advantage of the moment to enjoy after being dropped from the club squad. Concacaf champions.

Beckels surprised by revealing an aspect that he considers to have suffered in this defeat against the Mexican club, and did not hide the names, blaming coach Diego Vázquez and the directors of Fenerbahçe.

Are you ready for this tour of friendly matches?

Everything is going well and trying to keep up with the times and above all enjoying the moments is an important tour for the team where we are going to have games and on this date FIFA will help us keep the momentum. Most of it.

This suits them well against two important competitors like Aquila and Marathon.

When playing against Olympia, the teams give something extra, which is not accepted, we want to win friendlies because of history, management and coaches.

How did you feel about that elimination against Atlas?

The most difficult thing that could have happened to me is that in the end I thank God that I can understand and understand why it happened to us. Here it is not to look for criminals, but to see that God has some purpose for us and if we know how to understand it, we can achieve something more important later and take advantage of the circumstances that God puts us in life. .

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Did it surprise you because of the advantage you had?

I think a lot of factors happened in the end, we were excited, people were too, we had a great home game and then the visit, not to mention.

What aspects affected them and how?

There are factors that should not happen like failure, making the selection list when many players were thought to be here. I think they should think Olympia is from Honduras and they should think not to harm her because she represents Honduras.

Do you think the issue of that call affected them?

I don’t know if it was misdirected, you don’t have to look for excuses or anything, but it’s strange that Diego and the federation gave a list on a day, the day of a very important game for Olympia, Honduras. After what we did, I can tell you, it’s not like making excuses or looking for culprits, but I believe there is a code in football and they have to respect moments more than anything.

Noticed something in the player pool?

We cannot say this or that, but we can say that we are all human. Personally, I am an isolated case, I live my way and I know that I always thank God no matter what happens, but others may have been harmed and kicked out of the game. It doesn’t look for excuses.

Personally, were you confident of making the national team?

No, not really, I live my way and I’ve always tried to live that way. When he called him he said it was good. But doing so seemed disrespectful to Diego and the Confederacy.

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Have you already closed the doors to the national team?

No, I don’t think about those things, I have to perform for my team and do things well.

But what they perform in the teams goes to the national team, don’t you think?

No, I’m not shutting it down or anything, ultimately if you feel committed and want to be where you are, but it depends on the moment. I am experiencing it in a thousand ways and thank God always.

Are you happy with the success of the national team?

I’m happy that they won the national team yesterday and we hope against Canada, which is already an important game, that we can win for our teammates there.

How did you see the national team yesterday?

I didn’t see it, no, they didn’t show it, I didn’t see it, no, I won’t lie to you, but I’m happy because I have a lot of acquaintances, I have a lot of friends. I hope they will form a strong team to create a beautiful atmosphere in the exam and they will be able to achieve all their goals.

Haven’t you seen it online?

I’m bad with networks, tech, they don’t send it, I can’t see it.

How do you see the chances of that game against Canada?

Well, Honduras has a great national team, good players and I hope they can console themselves with what is the difference between a group, a family and a union. I’m Honduran and I want to support, I have brothers there, I wish them success and I wish them the best.

What do you think about the five-line system?

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I didn’t watch the game but they got zero and they should be congratulated. In the end, the computer you use doesn’t matter because of the setup you’re looking for, and you should get zero in the end.

How do you think Canada should play?

The plan doesn’t matter, what matters is the outcome, that’s what guarantees them and makes us happy.

How did you get to see the Canadian team?

They have grown a lot, they have good players, but still, I think we have a good team, most of them are playing, that’s the most important thing.

Do you think the national team lacks confidence?

Those are moments for everyone and I think they have to build their comfort zone in the group and come together and ultimately that’s what makes them strong.

What do you think about Trident Elise, Kyoto and Choko?

They are very good, I know them, I shared with them, I played, the main thing is that they make the national team their home, where someone cares and gives the best. If that eventually happens, I think they will be very successful in the future.

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