Benzema’s compelling message to critics of Messi and what he said about Mbabane


Kareem Benzema Gave an interview to Telefoot in which he reviewed the current situation Real Madrid, Conflict against PSG Champions eighth and spoke of proper names like that Messi Y Embape. The Frenchman says winning the Ballon d’Or is still one of his goals.

Benzema recalls the BBC’s trident in Real Madrid

The fight against PSG

“We would have wanted to face another enemy, but we’re ready.”

Crossover with Mbappe

“Are you facing Embape? It will be special because we love each other! Let’s see what happens, he wants to win, and I want to win too.

Messi’s performance at PSG

” How can it not be available? It was an adaptation time because he didn’t score much goals. But look at what he does on the field. However, you can not criticize a player like that, whoever criticizes Messi has no idea about football.

Real Madrid

“When you come to a club like Madrid, you do not think you’ve been there for 15 or 20 years, and above all you think you want to win titles soon because it’s the biggest club in the world.”


“This is all for me. I’m become a man here. I feel at home in Spain, the lifestyle is perfect, everything is good for me.

Very close Benzema: his only friend and Cristiano’s goodbye

meringue entertainment

“Seeing the fans chanting my name in front of Palan D’Or and singing my birthday make me flexible and motivate me to continue to show things on the field.”

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Be the captain

“When I have a bracelet, it pushes me to lead by example. Having the opportunity to wear a bracelet is one of the exceptions that motivates me even more.”

Beat the Ballon d’Or

“As I said from childhood, 4th, 3rd, 2nd is 30th. The key is to succeed. Later, they told me I had not won enough trophies but I could not do much. To me Ballon d’Or is a goal scorer, a goal scorer, one who is in difficult moments, he does many things, not only does he win trophies, he is not the one who gives the trophy. This continues to be one of my goals and I will do everything I can to make it better than the previous year.

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