They rescue an elderly Colombian man from a shipwreck in the Caribbean Sea off Nicaragua


From an old man 72 The years he was stranded at sea alone in his boat கரிபே He was rescued by a fishing boat that crossed his path, reports this Wednesday Nicaraguan Army.

The person was identified Nicaraguan Navy What Rafael Hodgson Hamilton, From Colombia.

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According to official reports, Hodgson was the worst in the middle of the Hamilton archipelago Corn Island, In Nicaraguan waters, and St. Andrew, In Colombia, When he was rescued by a fishing boat Procaribe, On February 26th.

According to a statement issued Nicaraguan Army, Colombian “was bad due to technical defects of the machine”, however, he did not describe how many days he was at sea.

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According to official sources, Hodgson Hamilton was the sole occupant of the “Irnelia” boat at the time of the rescue.

Recovery occurred 47 nautical miles (87 km) northwest of Corn Island, in the direction of San Andres, according to military officials, did not specify whether the man originally belonged to the Colombian archipelago.

The old man was handed over to the Caribbean Naval District Officers of the Nicaraguan Navy by the Progressive Team, who gave him primary care and then transferred him to the Ethel Candler Hospital on Corn Island, the Nicaraguan military said in detail.

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Nicaraguan officials indicated that the man would then be “handed over to the Republic of Colombia Navy.”

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On the same day two Brazilian tourists were rescued by the Nicaraguan navy near Corn Island, who were also stranded in their kayaks.

Shipping accidents in the Caribbean Sea occur with some frequency from Nicaragua, due to strong winds, especially in December and early March, due to the dominance of high pressures in the atmosphere. EFE

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