Horror crime: The whole family is dismembered and cremated inside their home

Chihuahua, Mexico.

The horrific multiple murders of a family have shocked the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Businessman Saúl Domínguez, his emotional partner and the woman’s daughter (9 years old) were murdered, mutilated and cremated by criminals in the area last time.

The businessman’s family member found out when he entered the apartment that it was only the remains of the man, but later confirmed that they belonged to the woman and the girl.

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The victims were Saúl Domínguez (66), Patricia Marquez (37) and Melanie “N” (9 only).

This happened next to San Carlos Bar, which is owned by Domanguez, as well as nearby businesses owned by the businessman. In a crime that has caused shock in northern Mexico, the area is surrounded by police organizations.

The San Carlo Bar and Restaurant has been described on social media as “a business dedicated to serving wine, spirits, alcoholic beverages and snacks with a dance floor”. Trash and bottles can be found outside the enclosure, which were left over from the night of the crime.

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The perpetrators tried to hide the remains, in the first case, it was not possible. They were cremated after amputating the organs of the victims. Cremation was said to be the way to remove the culprits’ evidence, but the failed attempt they escaped. The remains were found in black plastic bags.

So far, the red pick-up vehicle owned by the businessman has been confiscated. Authorities did not rule out that this was a clue to the motive for the crime.

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There were three people in the family. The businessman became Minor’s stepmother, and in general, they took part in small leisure trips across the state. The motive for the crime is unknown.

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