Spanish striker Enrique Baguero, who reached the Atlas sub-20

The Atlas closed its hiring For the first team with Ecuadorian Anibal Saleh, But reached a high level for its genre Sub 20 It’s about the Spanish attack, Enrique Baguro.

In the framework of the presentation of the club president Saleh, Jose Riestra, Talked about the arrival of Iberian, who was released after being in Espanyol from Barcelona.

“Enrique comes with sub-20,” In the stages we will see more in the future, because today the first team integrates today, it focuses, he comes to a completely different process, there was a lot of noise about hiring him, but He is a young player, And the process with him was different, “he said Riestra.

Baguro 20 years old, Moves through the bars He came to Espanyol in 2016, from where he recently departed. The purpose of the order is that Enrique directs the process Then I can get acquainted In Liga MX.

The last reinforcement of the Atlas

Riestra also spoke Sally’s visit, To whom it comes Foxes Then Try your luck FranceHowever, it should be noted that he has already played in the Liga MX with Toluca.

“We are very pleased to present our latest reinforcement for the competition and we have been adhering to it. It was an analytical job, last week Hannibal appeared on radar, The possibility of joining him opened up for us so that he could join us in one of the positions where we have to be competitive, and it is important to be on a team, We would like to introduce HannibalI am sure you will be a fundamental part of the transformation story, ”said the best athletic boss.

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Saleh strengthens the left side Atlas and its physical condition is on the way to recovery Has not played since May 2nd When he did it with the French Dijon.

“These weeks are important to me, I am improving, I try to push myself to the maximum I adjust, I have to go slow but accurate, I want to take more this week, because the idea is not to enter (the field) and come out again, I don’t want to rush things Here I am (ready), ”commented the member, who has signed with Rogenegros for four years.

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