Anthony Silva referee Fernando Guerrero made his possible mistake

Mexico City /

Complaints of players Puebla To him Arbitration Forum By the end of the game, they had already followed suit as they headed towards the bus Aztec GroundBecause of the punishment which had already detained him all came out with the bitterness of Elimination Anthony Silva A Diego Valdes, It has to be done again and again.

Arbitrator, Fernando GuerreroCame out Colossus of Santa Ursula Accompanied by his assistants, whom he first met on his way, he went Nicholas LargamonTechnician MarginThe one who stopped him without hesitation and told him about the match.

Travel Warrior Not only did he claim ownership at that moment, but another member of the coaching staff spoke to him in a low voice and then approached him. Diego de Peon Chat with the whistle.

The visiting group was the last to leave the locker room SilvaWho stopped talking friendly with the black and the fourth referee Oscar Macias.

Paraguayan showed him the picture he posted on his Twitter account. TwitterAs a rule, he clearly sees himself stepping into the goal line, but his claim is too late and Nazarene gave him a few words before departure, one for the truck and the other for their cars.

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