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With the application, the Ministry of Transport responded this Saturday to the seriousness of the facts, to those directly involved in the nine disciplinary actions, as well as to the employers who are supposed to prevent the violation of the established. On their Facebook page Citizen Rosa Maria Rodriguez Puppo filed a complaint on May 11 on the same social networking site about the irregularities and disorder in her sister Diana Pupo’s Havana-Holguin trip scheduled for 11:20 pm that day at the bus terminal in the capital.

Immediately, Mitrans reported, a commission was formed and investigations began at நிறுவனmnibus Nacionales and Viajero, both involved in the cases, as well as liaising with the claimant and his sister.

“As a result, we were able to verify the veracity of the irregularities and violations of established procedures in the negligent actions of workers from both organizations in Havana and the province of Holguin,” they note.

The measures used include five definite separations from the company, a permanent job transfer and a temporary one with a different work environment and two reprimands in front of the working groups.

“In addition, an important analysis was carried out by the two board of directors, which resulted in other institutional and regulatory measures being taken to prevent these events from occurring, as well as the analysis being common to other terminals and ticketing agencies.”

“Both the results of the investigation and the actions used were shared with the claimant and his sister, who immediately expressed the same satisfaction that the depth and facts of the analysis went unpunished and had consequences for those responsible.”

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