INDES cancels certification for professional leagues and sends audit to Fesfut

Yamil Bukele, Chairman, INDES, will be auditing Fesfut in the coming days to ensure that the first, second and third category certifications are revoked.

At a press conference, the chairman of INDES, Yamil Bukele Explained what happened after the meeting with FESFUT President Hugo Carrilo; Marco Flores Iraheta, FESFUT lawyer; Mario Monteroza, from CONCACAF; Hector Navarro Leal and Sofia Malaysia, both FIFA members

The head of INDES explained the whole situation that led to Facebook’s non-compliance with the Public Sports Act, which the federation took to refer to their special law granted to them by the Law Ministry.

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One of the first decisions will be to revoke the credentials of the board of directors of the first, second and third divisions that are not recognized under El Salvador’s General Sports Act (LGD), as well as audit. Fesfut’s INDES and the Republican Accounting Court.

Depending on what LGD says, the process will be temporary to the extent that all three professional divisions standardize their laws, at which time the people selected from these processes will be awarded credentials.

The President of INDES insisted on it “Fesfut has procedures to comply with yes or no. We will not endorse any practice that differs from what is known in 2019. FIFA must assist in correcting all observations by July 31, which will extend current credentials.”

Meeting of the leaders of the first football division of El Salvador. Photo: Courtesy of El Salvador’s first football division

The head of INDES confirmed that LGD Salvador was not an aggressor in football, arguing that he did not expect FESFUT to be suspended by FIFA and that if that happened, “we are going to defend the interests of Salvatorean football”.

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Further, the top chairman of INDES said, “We will soon send the administrative procedure for resolving violations in the last three years to Hugo Guerrelo and the entire Facefoot management team, based on LGD, in the Court of Ethics, ethics and appeals.” Years. “

In all cases not investigated by Fesfut, especially after the trial of journalist Romain Molina, files related to sexual harassment will be opened, and the federation confirmed that the case was closed, which is why former arbitrator Rodolfo Cyprian was incorporated into the structure. Football.

Members of the Facefood Executive Committee during the Facefood Congress held on May 29, 2021 at the Hector Palomo Soul Auditorium. Photo: Thanks Facebook

Yamil Bukele assured that the table was raised at a time when issues related to the transparency of the game’s general law and the process of electing representatives to the Facefoot board were raised. “The electoral procedure for Hugo Carrillo and his replacements is not recognized under the General Law of the Game and, therefore, cannot be granted.”He added.

“We have been very patient and diligent in taking these steps, which we now feel is very safe. We do not think the country’s government has failed to defend itself against any situation against El Salvador.”

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