Pablo Unligor was fired as Minister of Agriculture

The transfer comes days after the United States released a list of officials whose visas have been revoked in connection with corruption cases.

Pablo Unliger was fired as Minister of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) this Wednesday, and although the announcement of a new official has not yet been officially released by the Chancellor’s Press Secretariat, the former official has already removed his post from his main account on Twitter.

He will be replaced by David Martinez, a veterinarian graduating from Mexico’s National Autonomous University. He was also the Director General of Livestock at Centaur and the Ministry Agriculture.

Between 1997 and 2000 he was the National Coordinator of the Animal Production Program.

The change occurs after a few days List of corrupt people in Central America, many of whom are named as Salvador authorities.

David Martinez is the new Minister of Agriculture. On this day, Conan Castro, the legal secretary to the president, took office.

Key findings of the Audit Court audit for the Ministry of Agriculture

Unliger was in charge of the company, which is currently being investigated by both the Attorney General’s Office and the Accounts Court for alleged irregularities in the procurement process prepared for the Health Emergency Plan (PES), which provides food parcels to the public in the framework of Govt 19 International Spread.

Among the major irregularities found in the audit carried out by the Accounts Court to date are the purchase of corn flour at extra charge, purchase of food items without health records and zero consumption records of foreign companies.

Unleaser has been subject to complaints in the ethics court that it has prevented the audit by the accounting court since last year.

Recently, Buchale appointed Gustavo Villadoro as the new Minister of Defense, replacing Rogelio Rivas with Buccaneer taking over the presidency on June 1, 2019. The president did not elaborate on the reason for Rivas’ departure.

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