They deny the presence of feces on Boca Sikka beach

“Not a single disease has been reported due to the multi-spectator beach and water pollution, these are the most important indicators to determine when the water is contaminated on the skin,” said Boca Chico Mayor Ferman Brito, after a recent announcement by Gilberto Rhinoso, Managing Director of the Ministry of Water. He said there were high levels of unhealthy conditions.

During a conversation with reporters at the Brito, Liston Diario, Rhinoceros’ statements were taken “out of context” because Boca Chica receives 30,000 to 40,000 people each week and the information is spread “in an interesting way”.

He also said that the level of pollution has been declining due to some interventions made in the last nine years. He also explained that the construction of a sanitation sewer project is essential.

Richard Rodriguez, president of the Federation of Jet Ski and Boats of the Dominican Republic, described the officer’s assessment as “unfortunate” because there was no feces.

“This bad information affects everyone who comes to Boca Chicago and tourism is automatically reduced. Regardless of whether there is pollution on the beach, another process needs to be done,” Rodriguez said.

He stressed that the aforementioned spa is the “Olympic swimming pool of the city” and is one of the most visited in the country.

According to journalists from Listin Diorio, the water will turn red on the west side of the beach. Later, Richard explained to the media that it was due to the decomposition of water coming from the Brugeolas River, due to rainfall. Similarly, it is said that the water level of the stream overflows and causes the beach to turn red in October.

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Merchants, staff and bathers
Some merchants described the information spread by Gilberto Rhinoso as “harmful” because it would affect the flow of customers.

“There’s no shit here, we’re here, the beach I always look clean, the bathers here never complain, it’s always full, otherwise it’s not full,” said Adolfo Cruz, owner of D. Jossy fried foods.

Meanwhile, Carlos and Wilfredo, employees who have been working in Boca Sica for more than 30 years, condemned the authorities for having to fix the problem with the storm drain so that water from the street does not come to the beach; But they made it clear that there was no “waste” on the beach.

Juan Jose Soriano, an employee at Boca Sica Restaurant, said, “People don’t take a shower if they see shit, it’s not here because an average of 2,000 to 4,000 people see us here on the weekends, and I never hear from anyone. We have admitted him to the hospital because of the beach and we ourselves have not been affected.

Yesterday, some bathers said the beach water was “clean and crystalline” and they did not notice the presence of debris.

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