Peru vote: Fujimori asks Sagasti for an international audit, Castillo’s proposal promises markets

Keiko Fujimori calls on President Francisco Sagasti to demand international censorship of the ballot in Peru (REUTERS / Angela Bones)

Keiko Fujimori called on Peruvian President Francisco Sagasti to conduct an international audit of the June 6 election. Clarify “fraud” complaints filed by your political system. Meanwhile, amid expectations for results, the candidate Point Pedro Castillo, Liked to win the ballot, sent a plan to bring peace to the markets.

In a letter to Zakosti, Fursa Popular’s right-wing candidate called for censorship by the Organization of American States (OAS), although the organisation’s election monitoring mission has already confirmed the correctness of the election. What a result “Determine if the results represent a reflection of the popular choice.”

The turnout in the second round gave the victory of the left-wing candidate Puntaren Castillo, but Fujimori maintains the fraud version, Appeals and challenges before election bodies and courts have so far been rejected.

No election observer organization has detected signs of “fraud,” while countries and organizations such as the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom or Canada have expressed confidence in the Peruvian electoral system. The elections were free and fair.

In fact, the OAS itself promised on Thursday that the challenges to the ballot laws promoted by Fujimori to cancel about 200,000 votes in rural and agricultural areas that largely supported Castillo were being “followed by the law.” And the rules are in place ”.

OAS Election Monitoring Mission (EOM) led by former Foreign Minister of Paraguay Ruben RamirezHas been monitoring Peru’s election crisis since arriving in the country ahead of election day.

Peruvians wait to confirm poll results (REUTERS / Gerardo Marin)
Peruvians wait to confirm poll results (REUTERS / Gerardo Marin)

Fujimori went to the State Palace to leave his request at the party desk, accompanied by Vice Presidential candidates Luis Coleretta and Patricia Juares.

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The daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000) called for a review of voter registration because of “numerous irregularities,” which her organization condemned, “reminding Sakas of her responsibility to guarantee a transparent election result.”

However, Fursa accused the National Electoral Arbitration Council (JNE) of being “biased” in the resolutions of appeals raised by the popular candidate’s party, which have so far been rejected due to lack of evidence for their allegations.

“We need to know the truth and we hope you can accomplish this important task.”“In addition to guaranteeing the legitimacy (to the next ruler) needed to fulfill his responsibility, Fujimori said in a statement to reporters outside the state palace.

Last Saturday, a group of right-wing politicians affiliated with Fujimori called for an “emergency” meeting with the Secretary-General of the Organization of American States (OAS). Louis Almacro, To present the “irregularities” he had considered in the June 6 elections.

In a note signed by Jorge del Castillo (former Prime Minister of Alan Garcia), Lourdes Florus, (Fujimori’s legal adviser) or Adriana Tudella (daughter of elected Congressman and Alberto Fujimori’s Vice President Francisco Tudela), the committee asks “fraudulent elections” in Peruvian elections. “An information meeting” to display.

In this context of election uncertainty, Julio Velarde, chairman of the Central Bank of Peru, evaluates Castillo’s plan to stay in office, The economic adviser to the candidate awaiting official confirmation as the winner of the recent presidential election, Point Pedro confirmed Monday.

According to the results of the Peruvian Electoral Commission, Castillo of Puntarenas won a narrow victory over Keiko Fujimori.
According to the results of the Peruvian Electoral Commission, Castillo of Puntarenas won a narrow victory over Keiko Fujimori.

This announcement occurred Peruvian currency (Soul) closes with a rise of 2.08%.

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“Corporateness is the most important thing,” Frank Exidosa said on local radio. “We all need a community, and we can all play a role in a government committee.”

“But no one needs it, I think so. In fact, Julio Velarte has said, ‘Well, I’m a little tired, I’m going to think about it.’

Castillo told his supporters on Saturday Velarde, the most respected and recognized official in the financial world, has held the post since 2006, having served three terms.

Valarde, who ends his five-year term as president in July, chairs the central bank’s seven-member board of directors. The government appoints four people, including its chairman, and the rest are appointed by Congress.

Castillo said while presenting his commitment Maintaining financial balance and improving the quality of public spending, encouraging investment and respecting the independence and autonomy of the monetary system.

With information from EFE and Reuters

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