A restaurant promises a waiter a peso for every reaction: it goes wrong

In An unexpected twistA hamburger restaurant is in a situation Complicated after issuing a challenge to one of his employees for his birthday. The promise is simple: One peso for each reaction accumulated in an output. However, the public response was overwhelming and the girl received Half a million contacts.

The restaurant, which is said to be located in Mexicali, now faces the possibility of paying the woman a higher amount. 766 thousand pesos, Until now. publication This was done on June 26 The deadline to complete the challenge is Friday June 30.

Chencho’s Burger didn’t see it coming

In Facebook registrationThe restaurant called “Sencho’s Burger” Congratulate your partner For each reaction they give you a peso so you can buy what you want. The photo shows a woman enjoying a snack and smiling. Shows the power of the internet when you join a cause.

It mentions Only five days will be given to collect reactions Because “They Go Hard”That means the challenge ends on Friday June 30 at 7:00 p.m.. Will they keep their promise?

COpinions on publication differSome are congratulating the restaurant, while others are suggesting it should be sold 100 thousand hamburgers According to the fee. There are those who speculate that the woman is the owner of the place.

Regardless of whether it was A joke or a real dareThis situation shows The power of social media. The restaurant has also joined Memes and jokes arose as a result of this unexpected event.

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