San Francisco Giants send Honduran to Mauricio Duane for minor leagues, explains why

Through their social networks, San Francisco Giants He announced that he had sent the Honduran baseball player Mauricio DuPont For minor leagues. Now he will play with River Gates of Sacramento, California Triple a.

Catracho struggled to find a place in the big leagues as a manifestation and in all its positions a team full of talent.

Mauricio DuPont has an overall .646 OPS and just hit .205 in June. Its highest point is June 22nd He hit his fifth homer of the season.

The club explains the reasons for the move

San Francisco Giants manager Cape Coupler explained that they did not face many left-handers as Dupan’s play time was reduced. In addition, it recovers Tairo Estrada The 25-year-old who breaks it in Triple A.

“We wanted DuPont to have consistent ad-batsmen and it was a real struggle to give him a chance. We achieved a good deal of dignity on the right hand pitch,” Coupler said.

He added: “We had two left-handers there to start Mauricio in a row, but not enough for him to get into a good rhythm. I think he’s playing a little bit to find his swing.”

Kepler said the reason for the decision was to take advantage of the moment Estrada was leaving and that he hoped Honduran would be back on track to return to the Major League.

“It offers the opportunity to reward a guy who has had a lot of success with a bat like Estrada in Triple-A, as well as being able to get Mauricio back with some regular performances.”

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