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The Olympia coach, Point Troclio, was delighted with the actions of his team and the successes that allowed them to continue as leaders in the Downtown area.

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After the question of what Raul “Potro” Guttierez said came just the coach’s fever that he thought the referees would give away the Olympia prizes.

“I would first ask if he said it was disrespectful to a colleague. Maybe he came in and didn’t see what this team was doing nationally and internationally in two years, but I want to hear because I don’t know if he said that. “

He added: “If he says this, it’s disrespectful to me, the coaching staff and the players. I wonder about a person who seems seriousIt strikes me that it is so expressed because I do not know what gift they gave us. The target was offside and I had no idea what the prize was. I see that there are situations for and against all teams, but many games without fail at the international and local level, they do not talk about helping, but I believe it’s so easy to play football with so many failed games with help, it’s awesome and I’m thank you for the help.

The Argentine coach went further and assumed that the real fight on the court had been won and that no one should speak out against the work of colleagues.

“It’s disrespectful from one colleague to another. It seems to me that the game should be won, except that it created 20 goal situations, but they did not kick the goal. I have no respect for talking about other teammates. I will never talk about other teams, for me Real Spain is a great team with great players, he is a great coach, but not everyone thinks so, I find that they like to talk like that. “

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Troclio had already finished his answer, but the irritation was so great that he asked for a chance to add. “Can I say anything else? The truth is, they made me horny. It loses me because I win football by playing on the field. Today we win on the court just like we won in Spain (SBS), so we won playing on the court, trying to talk as little as possible. The day I appeared, I could complain about the referee, but never about Real Spain helping them. But a team that lost almost 30 games helped us a lot. “

As for his team’s performance in the game, it allows him to continue at the top of the Central Zone classification.

“Happiness, content, it was a tough, tough game and it was against an opponent who had been waiting for us for a longer time than anyone had seen, but practically throughout the game, except for Mario Martinez, we did not experience the opposite situation. Was. “

Troclio said his team suffered from discomfort after the match against Real Sociedad, where players and coaching staff suffered from dehydration.

“After a long journey we ended up with five or six dehydrators, of the two or three who were not there today: Fikirova, Eddie Hernandez and Pengson, we didn’t know he was playing until yesterday. The team is happy to be back again. Not in the classic, or in Olancito “.

I add: “We were like five wrecks, Including Sergio Lopez and I, we arrived at 2:00 a.m. on an eight-hour drive with dehydration. Thank God we got the pension back. “

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Regarding the performance of the team. “I’m glad Olympia did it, it’s a classic game and they are not mini – games where teams do not want to lose anything. Real Spain was waiting for us with a lot of people, it was hard for us to come and join.”

“I can see football differently from many who ask me about you, who for me is committed to good football safety, where everyone works, in mason overlays and with a top hat and stick. This is a classic and you have to beat it as much as you can, Fighting, fighting, trying to hold more stocks than the competitor, that’s what we did today. “

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