NBA All-Star Game 2021. Polisa Brutal Dell Team LeBron Al Team Torrent

Phillips Arena, Atlanta /

From day one They chose their players We know it: Team LeBron is going to beat Team Durant, Confirmed this Sunday NBA All-Star Game What ended 170-150, With 35 points from the field in 16 attempts and a 100% shooting lead by Giannis Antedoga ounbo.

Team LeBron 170-150 Team Torrent

When your start line is up LeBron James, Steff Curry, Luca Doncic, Nicola Jogic and Giannis Antedoconpo, You have “won the war”, which they and the reserves proved Damien Lillard Hit 32 units and eight triples in dangerous mode, the maximum combined with Chef Charcoal.

If it is we add it Kevin Durant missed the game due to injury, Despite the effort the balance was unfavorable Kyrie Irving y James Horton For trying to carry the weight of the attack in selecting the player for his Nets team.

Team LeBron won each of the four quarters Within the introduced form Stars game By 2020, the first three individual scores and 12 minutes on the clock will be played, with the goal of adding 24 units, adding the previous scores to the final period, Tribute to Kobe Bryant By the jersey number he wore to the lockers.

Under those rules, The goal in the fourth period – which is played without a clock – is to reach 170 points, Is reached at a speed of three kilometers Lillard For the success of the yellow team, the result is a 25 1.25 million donation For college funding selected by King James.

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Antotocoun ounpo All-Star MVP

With his 35 points, he hit three triples in a single attempt and missed even one shot throughout the evening at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta. Giannis Antetoga ounpo Included in the collection of his personal trophies – it already exists Two Seasonal Most Valuable Player Awards– The MVP of the 2021 All-Star Game.

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