Evo Morales claimed victory in the first round in five disciplines, but the exit guarantees him only two wins.

Former President of Bolivia, Evo Morales (Europa Press)

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales celebrated MAS ‘victory in the first round of regional elections on Sunday in “five sectors” this Monday, confirming that scenario despite a narrow decision not to allow ballot boxes.

In the first round we won in seven of the five disciplines: La Paz, Oruro, Bodosa, Cochabamba and Pando”Celebrated the former president.

However, according to a survey released by Chain Unidel, With data from Sismory, Only Kochabamba (50.9% to 27%) and Bodos (41.6% to 17%) allow MAS to ensure success, Because it requires 50% of the vote or 40% of the vote with 10 points.

There is no condition for that La Boss (37.3% Votes) o Pando (40.2% to 33.5%). In One by oneAlthough the distance from the second place is very wide, the result for MAS is 39.9%, so we will have to wait for the final count to see if it reaches 40 points.

“Evo Morales gives inaccurate data on exit results”, highlighted the portal Bolivia checks, To reconsider the situation. He also questioned another of Morales’ claims that MAS ranks first in seven matches, with the exception of the previous five sectors, in Tarija (currently the first force UPT and the second MAS) and Sukwisaka (two pollsters give a technical relationship between the two main parties).

The official figure is slowly advancing, which is not yet sufficient to determine irreversible trends.

Eva Copa, the political manifestation of the by-elections in Bolivia, wins in El Alto (EFE)
Eva Copa, the political manifestation of the by-elections in Bolivia, wins in El Alto (EFE)

For his part, Morales added that the party’s goal was to win all of the second rounds to ensure control of the 8 governors. “Only the right wing won us over in Santa Cruz,” the former president told a news conference.

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The official results of the Supreme Election Tribunal (DSE) will be known within 8 to 10 days.

The worst setbacks for the Bolivian movement for socialism occurred in the mayors as they suffered defeats in the country’s major cities.According to exit polls: it fell in La Paz, its neighbors El Alto, Cochabamba (center) and Santa Cruz (east).

About 7.1 million Bolivians were invited to vote on a mandatory basis by nine governors and 336 mayors and their respective regional legislators and municipal councilors.

Voting was generally peaceful, although in the small town of Golba Belgium, in the Santa Cruz area, with about 6,300 people, locals burned the ballot.

The protest took place as voters were illegally relocated from other cities to increase the candidate’s vote count, although it is not clear what this is.

(With information from AFP)

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