Hulk sends his rival to fly like Thor in Avengers | Viral video

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They call him that for something! Picture this weekend in Brazilian football The Hulk replaces an opponent with “enormous strength.” It’s like a superhero Marvel In some films, the opponent flew two meters away due to displacement.

Guanildo Vieira (Real name Hulk) Now he plays for Atletico Mineiro His country and his team beat Uberlandia 4-0 after landing in Chinese football Franco de Paula Ferreira “Bruce Banner” and the victim of his wrath Brutal body.

Hulk and Thor in Avenger

The play has unleashed countless Memes reminiscent of the first Avengers movie, in which Hulk replaces Thoreau A hand in a scene similar to what was seen on the pitch with the Brazilian player.

Hulk Ficho by El Atletico Miniro At the end of January and at that club he is now a team player ahead of former Tigress, Pick Vargas, As well as the Argentine midfielder Former River Plate, Nacho Fernandez.

The Hulk love scandal

Recognize those of us who love football Hulk For his stunning physique and brutal punch with his left leg, but he has repeatedly been the protagonist of covers on gossip magazines Love scandals, As it announced at the end of 2019 He was separated from his wife to have a relationship with his daughter-in-law, With whom he was married.

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