Riotos 1-0 Cruz Azul; Saving from being beaten | Concacaf semifinals

Montreal, N.L. /

Underlined Dominoes in The first match of the Confederations Cup semi-finals In view Cruz won Azul and 1-0But the results are cheap Engine, From Montreux He could have scored better Steel giant, But the archer Andres Gudino He saved many on his team.

However, the minimum difference is very valuable GangSky Blue is at risk if Montessori scores because he did not score Aztec Ground Next September 16, they have to get three points.

Thus, the goal Maxi Mesa Pass from head to toe Charlie Rodriguez, 8 ‘Looking forward to goalkeeper Gudino in action, he becomes very important; And out of a place Orbelin Pineta, He did not count on what he would have balanced for.

Al 27 ‘, Juan Escobar He was encouraged to shoot and sent the ball from one side, which was aimed at balancing actions in play, but it did not work.

Capsida Rodriguez He wanted to surprise with a bump shot in front of an advanced goalkeeper, but he didn’t have the purpose he needed; When Pinata, when he sent the ball into the nets, was in the lead And the target of 64 ‘does not count.

Monterrey benefits, but with a flavor that makes a big difference; Even Rogelio Funs Mori, 69 ‘had some clear notes, and Gudino incredibly diverted to save that goal.

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