Pedro Luis Ferrer: “In Cuba we need a lot of love so that art prevails over conviviality”

Cuban singer-songwriter Pedro Luis Ferrer with his daughter Lena. Photo: Facebook profile of Pedro Luis Ferrer.

Cuban singer-songwriter Pedro Luis Ferrer vowed this Sunday that “in Cuba, art needs a lot of love to prevail over commotion.”

In A Facebook postFerrer mentioned his upcoming concerts at the National Museum of Fine Arts the following week and promised to encourage island authorities to “inspire the path of economic and spiritual freedom necessary for the prosperity of the people and the nation”. .

Regarding the concerts, the renowned musician pointed out, “They will be held in an environment where ordinary people will be subjected to great hardships and dangers; And freedom of expression is a traumatic and dramatically driven issue.

“For this reason,” he added, “the object of love which inspires me is to instigate within the jurisdiction of the island authorities the path of economic and spiritual freedom necessary to the prosperity of the people and the nation; and the prison ceases to be a miserable source of political controversy, which serves only to intensify dissension.”

“In Cuba we need more love for art than hustle and bustle,” he concluded his message on a Facebook profile created for his current stay in Havana.

After more than six years without performing on Cuban stages, Pedro Luis Ferrer will perform in the coming days at the National Museum of Fine Arts in the island’s capital, with the support of the National Center for Popular Music.

Initially, a concert was scheduled for Tuesday, August 22 at 7:00 p.m., in which, as he explained, he would present “an intimate Trapador-style show” in the company of his daughter Lena.

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However, the artist himself confirmed that a second concert will be held on the same stage after learning that none of the tickets for that presentation were sold to the public this Saturday and most of the seats were distributed by invitation.

Pedro Luis Ferrer announced a second concert at Bellas Artes

Ferrer said he felt “overwhelmed” knowing there were far fewer sales than invitations, and he reiterated that the effort to appear in Havana was “absolutely” his.

In this regard, due to this situation and many criticisms of what happened, the National Center for Popular Music offered him a second concert on Wednesday, August 23, with the assurance that no invitations would be distributed, and the troubadour explained that it must be sold out. Box Office “Of course all entries.

Additionally, he pointed out, “If God and the institutions make it possible, considering the interest shown by the public, I will return with my small band before the end of this year, and we can try it. A very comfortable place.”

Considered one of the most important Cuban musicians of recent decades, Pedro Luis Ferrer was born in 1952 in Yaguay, in the province of Sancti Spiritus. He is the nephew of the poet and academic Raoul Ferrer.

Author of songs such as “100% Cuban”, “I’m Not Like Him” ​​and “Artificial Insemination”, he is known for his critical stance on the island’s government. He currently lives in Miami and will turn 71 next September.

Last April, after the show aired on national television, he celebrated his continued music in Cuba 23 and MOn which he made a guest appearance in 2017, he said he was “at home” and had “not been on national television for years”.

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