New York saves “man” from his new BOYFRIEND after rumors of sexual orientation: “It fills my tank”

Again, beautiful actress and singer, Niurka Marcos The hurricane caught the eye after surprising the entire entertainment world by confirming his friendship with the famous singer Marco Pea, 15 years younger than her.

According to the former adventurer, he fell in love with his new gallon when the two teamed up to record the hit music video “Why You Didn’t Die” on different digital platforms.

As expected, the court of “La Mujer Escandalo” immediately attracted the attention of different media because more than one of them found the controversial relationship suspicious.

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The couple became the topic of conversation after the late singer’s friend Joaquin Muos Juan Gabriel, Talking about the sexual orientation of Newark Marcos’ new boyfriend.

True to her style, the protagonist of the soap operas “Judas’ Wife”, “Never Forget You” and “The Most Beautiful Ugly Woman” flatly denied these words and admitted that her boyfriend was very good at intimacy.

Newarko Marcos admitted that Marco Bee “filled his tank several times”, so he explained that the video spreading the place where he is most affectionate with another man was a complete lie.

Finally, the famous singer misunderstood the video and praised the person who came with him in the controversial video: “Of course this is a lie” he reiterated.


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