Roberta Jacobson and Ebrard study proper migration to the United States

This Tuesday the Chancellor, Marcelo Ebrat A meeting was held Roberta Jacobson, Coordinator for Southern Border Affairs of the United States Government, which promotes cooperation mechanisms a Migration Orderly, safe and regular in the region.

The Secretary of State Posted photos of the meeting.

At the meeting, the North American delegation, SRE officials and National Institute of Migration Measures to protect the human rights of women were discussed Immigrant people And, in particular Minors.

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Similarly, the representatives of the two countries acknowledged the importance of improving the mechanisms of international cooperation for the development of North Central America.

Jacobson, with Juan Gonzalez, Special Adviser President Biden In Western Hemisphere affairs, Ricardo Zika, a former adviser to Barack Obama on the region and special envoy to the northern triangular region (Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador) arrived in Mexico today, where they will make their first visit to the country by Biden executives.


The trip to tackle immigration issues in Guatemala will also stop, where Gonzalez and Zika will meet with Guatemalan President Alejandro Chiamate and other high-ranking officials from the Central American country, as well as representatives of civil society and non-profit organizations. .

Good communication and excellent relations between the two countries: Ephraim

In a video, Secretary of State Marcelo Ebrat celebrated the meeting with the US team led by Roberta Jacobson in a good manner and expressed the views of the two countries on different initiatives.

According to information posted on the Foreign Ministry’s social networks, Ebard pointed out that the development and well – being of Central American countries and southern Mexico is one of the most important issues, in which the United States is expected to join the efforts to take effective action in these countries in the short and medium term and that migration in this way is not an alternative and a necessity.

In 2019, the Mexican government, in conjunction with the ECLAC, introduced a comprehensive development plan that would anticipate growth in Central America and southern Mexico. Former US President Donald Trump has promised to allocate resources for the project, however, economic support has not come.

“We want the United States to sign part of this initiative from Honduras, Guatemala, Salvador and Mexico.”

“In essence, in a matter that both countries agree on, we can take effective action in the short and medium term, and if we work diligently we can ensure that these countries have another future,” he said.


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