He was evicted from the celebrity house

In a night full of expectations, The RAndality show Television was highly praised, A famous house, notching his fourth shutout of the season. After an intense week Recommendations and tensions between participants, It was time to say goodbye to one of them.

The show keeps the audience on edge with every elimination, Provides an experience Full of suspense and excitement.

How are they actually removed?

Elimination process in The House of Fame It is complex and full of unexpected twists and turns. Leaders of the week have the power to save one of the nominees, And confirming his permanence for a week.

Competitors To personally recommend their peers, And the four participants with the most accumulated points will face off public vote. Today the name of the eliminators is still kept secret, which creates great anticipation among the followers of the program.

Who will be the seventh evicted today, Sunday July 23?

After days of voting, it’s time to reveal the seventh eviction this week.

  • Sergio Meyer made the first save of the night
  • Nicola Porcella continues in The House of Fame

  • Apio Quijano was fired today at La Casa de los Famosos

With each elimination, the competition becomes more intense and the participants fight to reach the first place. Celebrities House continues to surprise its followers with twists and emotional moments. The competition is tougher than ever!

Complete list of inductees into The Hall of Fame

House of Celebrities has a cast of well-known celebrities from the art world. Among the participants

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Each of them has shown His talent, Personality and skills in various challenges within the home.

Bells and where to see the House of Fame

If you are a fan A famous houseNever miss an episode. He reality show Airs from Monday to Friday at 10:00 PM. Televisa Channel 5. Additionally, on Sundays you can see who will be evicted during the week 8:30pm at Las Estrellas.

Stay on top of the surprises and emotions that the program has in store for you. Remember to continue to support and vote for your favorite contestants Stay in the race.

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