How much did Florinda Meza earn in ‘El Chavo del Ocho’? She expresses it

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Florida They decided to put an end to the rumor spread by some media, where they said that according to the role of the actress, 20 million dollars is in the bank. Florida MrsI would have made a lot of money.

“I want it to be true. What a great folly, Roberto used to say; ‘We have less than people think, but more than I dreamed’ because we know how to live simply. I don’t live in Pedregal or Las Lomas, I don’t live in Del Valle. There is a house in the neighborhood, which is a slum area,” noted the famous lady.

The actress compared what the cast of Friends earned and she participated ‘El Sao del Ocho.

“I was offered a million dollars per episode from friends, I never even earned 50,000 pesos per episode, the most I earned per episode was 10,500 and at the end, but pesos. If they had paid $10,000 per episode, I would have been a millionaire,” he said.

Florinda Meza made it clear that she was worried about the information the media might publish because it could jeopardize her integrity.

“It bothers me, it scares me because of the theft that’s out there. I couldn’t even raise that amount for a joke by selling my house in Cancun or my house in Mexico. I’ve never had that much, and it’s the company that’s become a multi-millionaire in dollars, not us,” he said. .

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