Olivia Munn revealed how she deals with the scars from her battle with breast cancer: “They're my battle wounds”

Olivia Munn was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2023 (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

In a candid interview, Olivia shared how she faced the reality of her body after prior cancer treatments. Breast Cancer, including double mastectomies and reconstructive surgeries. The 43-year-old actress opened up about the challenge of adapting to scars and body changes and the strategy she used to hide them over the years. The Oscars. Mun attended the high-profile event with his partner. John Mulaneyand did not make his condition public at the time.

In conversation with Peopleactress X-Men: Apocalypse She explained that she was able to feel comfortable in front of the cameras thanks to the brilliance of her makeup artist, Diane Buszetta. Buzzetta, who learned special cosmetic techniques similar to those used for tattooing, was able to hide the “depression and dimples” resulting from surgery near the lymph node area.

Fashion-wise, before, Fendi chose a halter-style dress for the ceremony and then changed into a strapless white dress, both carefully chosen to hide the physical signs of her battle with cancer. It made her feel “a lot better about things” and added much to the opinion of those close to her life who did not see these effects as flaws.

John Mulaney and Olivia Munn at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party. The actress covered up her scars with special makeup (Credit: REUTERS/Danny Moloshok)

Apart from that, she also mentioned to the magazine that she has grown her hair as part of covering up her scars. “Sometimes I feel a little sad that he still wants to hide certain aspects. But then I remembered They are battle wounds And? I can show whenever I want and hide whenever I want”, he reflected.

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Although she initially found it difficult to accept her new body, Mun emphasizes self-acceptance and gratitude. There was a desire to fight cancer. The ability to undergo a double mastectomy and reconstruction gave her a second chance, which, she admits, is not for everyone.

With her sights set on the future, Mun is gearing up to start shooting for her new series Your friends and neighbors Inside Apple TV+ Together with Jon Hamm, her experiences have transformed her into a different version of herself.

Her diagnosis was unexpected as previous tests had not detected cancer (Credit: Instagram/Olivia Munn)

Part of her inner transformation involves being more compassionate with herself and appreciating the present. “It's so much fun to go to work without all the doubts in your head… When you're acting, you're really you You really have to be in the moment…”, he added.

The famous 43-year-old actress was diagnosed with cancer in April 2023, which took her by surprise three months earlier, when her annual mammogram and genetic tests to detect the BRCA gene returned negative results.

Shortly after receiving the news, she underwent a series of medical procedures, including a frontal lymph node dissection, a mastectomy (a surgical option that avoids the nipples), and finally a double mastectomy. The intervention was followed by reconstructive surgeries in the fall of the same year.

In March 2024, Olivia decided to go public with her fight against breast cancer, revealing her diagnosis and her recovery process. Through her experience, Mun emphasized the importance of additional evaluations and early detection, thanks to her gynecologist's decision to use the features that played an important role in her diagnosis. Risk Calculator During a routine Pap test. The actress now seeks to raise awareness of these tools and prevention options, helping other women face and overcome this neoplasia.

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