Joan Collins is going viral after boasting an impressive figure at 89

LBritish actress John Collins She has reached the age of 89 with an enviable figure. That’s why he doesn’t hesitate to show it on his social networks, which has 300,000 followers. She recently shared a photo on Instagram showing off her timeless look and her timeless wardrobe while out with her hubby. Percy Gibson. actress I posed next to a tree with a pair of sunglasses Oversized pants, gold earrings, black pants, a striped semi-sheer top and her vintage Yves Saint Laurent jacket. Her husband Percy Gibson pointed out in her second photo A flowering wisteria tree That’s what the two got married in 2002. Here are some photos that went unnoticed by Collins’ followers who were quick to point out her “incredible” figure.

“God, how can this force of nature turn 90 in a month?” asked a fan. “Wonderful and great role model for all.” “OMG, as a 20 year old, amazing,” read another. “Reverse Aging”Another squealed, while a fourth said: “You look amazing.” Joan Collins is undoubtedly a legend at nearly 90 years old. The British star will always be remembered for her role as Alexis in the series Citizen, the unfaithful ex-wife of protagonist Blake Carrington, played by the late John Forsythe. Alexis doesn’t appear until the end of the first season, when the patriarch is being investigated for murdering Steven’s lover, his gay son.

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