Sequis Rivera does it again, no matter what they think of her

Undoubtedly one of the most loved women in the middle of the show Sequis Rivera Placeholder Image After a divorce from fellow singer Lorenzo Mendes, who has been in the gaze of hurricanes in recent weeks, despite the situation, daughter Jenny Rivera It did not bring itself down, it was more beautiful than before.

Proof of this is the video he recently shared from his social networks, he is very bold and bright, ie Sequis Carries an excuse in color verde limn And some stiletto sneakers In silver.

And of course characteristic Sequis That daughter Jenny Rivera Like how Band Diva It enjoys highlighting every curve of it.

He doesn’t care about criticism

Although she has been severely criticized for her body because some call her overweight, she says she is very calm and satisfied with her curves.

Even daughter a few months ago Jenny Rivera She was caught by a paparazzi on Mexican beaches, where before these pictures, she exposed her body without any filters. Sequis She talked about it, revealing that even with her flaws, hundreds of dresses were waiting for her a chance.


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