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The Deportivo Guadalajara Goes to the most important moment since arrival Ricardo Belize To the Board of the Company. Not only that Landslide failure against the United States In National Classic Controversial Guardians Tournament 2021 From Liga M.X., Otherwise For completely unnecessary internal problems.

In the last hour the sports director held a press conference Victor Manuel Vusetich Y The two confirmed their continuation at the club, and the truth is, Rosie is not at all in the facilities of the Holy Flock. As announced TUDN, The dressing room is completely separated and the atmosphere is far from ideal …

The atmosphere in Sivas is hot (Imago 7)

“Guadalajara is divided and there is discord among the players. There have already been 3 or 4 clashes between the team players in this championship”, Journalist Marco Cancio pointed out strongly in the project 4. Not only that: then It was revealed that the relationship between Belize and the team broke down after match day 4 against Juarez.

“After the game against the Braves (1-2 loss to Akron), Amuri Vergara landed with Nelly Simon (Sports Director at Sivas Femen) And Olympia Cabral (Director of Marketing) To the dressing room. Nelly told them: “You have to learn from women who earn less and have more attitudes than you earn in the field. If you don’t win, we will not make money.” The commentator explained.

Nelly Simon released a strong message that broke the team’s relationship with the board of directors (Imago 7)

It happened In the presence of Ricardo Belize and Vector Manuel Vusetic, “nothing was said.” Players They were betrayed by the manager and they decided to remain calm and defend against Simon’s attack. From there, the relationship broke down and there was a clear split between the parties.

Sivas hit hard

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