They are investigating whether the cable cut at the CNE warehouse was intentional


Two days after creation Primary elections And without official results National Election Council (CNE) There are complaints that the internal system has been tampered with in order to count the votes.

Yesterday morning, from inside the cellars CNE, They are located Vocational Institute (Infop), one of the main Internet cables was reportedly cut, as well as a hard drive stolen from the computer center.

They follow the same procedures that have made things so much harder for us.

Ana Paula Hall, CNE Advisor.

Given, staff National Commissioner for Human Rights (கோனதே) Came to the scene to attend the complaint.

Ricardo Lopez, Security Manager கோனதே, After inspecting the place and talking to the authorities they confirmed that no hard drive was stolen and what happened was that a hard drive was identified as having failed in its operation.

“Technical Adviser on Technical Issues CNE What happened is there is a hard disk that is being considered for damage or disorder, ”he explained. கோனதே.

With regard to the cut of the cable, it was checked whether it was cut, so the technical staff CNE It continued to change. “The cable is sent to the scanner at the main entrance, through which the election bags are going to pass, so the minutes will be reviewed,” he explained.

CNE is conducting an appropriate investigation to verify how it was disconnected.

Ricardo Lopez, கோனதே.

He added CNE Investigations were launched to determine if anyone had cut the cable with the intention of damaging the vote counting process or if it was accidental.

During the press conference, the Chief Adviser CNE, Ana Paula Hall, They had other difficulties not only in cutting the cable but also in developing the electoral process.

“They have cut our cables and they have been very difficult for us. From the moment Luggage There were missing ink boxes that hid election tools from us and we had to meet one another, “the adviser said, without naming those who carried out the operation.


The population remains uncertain due to the lack of official results. Followers and front-runners of the contesting parties came to the Infop warehouses yesterday demanding that the results be delivered as soon as possible.

Tony Garcia, the Freedom Party’s deputy candidate for the Somos + movement, said people were suffering because of a lack of planning on the part of the authorities. “Many candidates declare themselves winners, there is confusion, it is a product CNE Who doesn’t think this situation is coming, “he said. Yesterday they returned to the wineries. CNE Election suitcases of Santa Barbara and Indipusa.

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