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Legislator Edgar Cusada (PK) confirms that there were last-minute changes in the report, and that this November 24th, he should submit a version to the prosecutor’s office.

The chairman of the Constitutional Guarantee Commission, Jose Cabasco (PK), provided the state attorney general’s with the information needed during the preliminary investigation into the alleged public action that made last-minute changes to the report on Pandora. Paper case.

But at this November 23 session, the table’s lawmakers questioned Kabasco’s response to the prosecutor’s office, which should have been the full body of the legislature to adjudicate the case, as it was considered by lawmakers to be interference. With study activity.

Kabaskango said the commission had nothing to hide and handed over the documents because parliamentary procedure had been followed, which could cause concern to some legislators.

On November 19, the Chairman of the Guarantee Commission issued the following documents: A certified copy of the case A certified copy of the case, known as the Pandora Papers, was approved in Ordinary Session 043, fixed at 156 pages; Certified copy of session minutes 043; And, a certified copy of Session 043 Audio.

This November 24, at 11:00 am, the Attorney General’s Office summoned legislator Edgar Cusada (PK) to appear before it, to provide his version of the facts under investigation free of charge and without assurance. This diligent attorney’s office number. Section 4 of the jurisdiction of the National Court.

Investigation into possible irregularities in last minute changes in the Legal Commission report on Pandora documents

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Lawmaker Paola Cabezas (UNES) commented, “There must have been an institutional response to the ruthless intervention of the state attorney general’s office, which is being pulled by the hair.”

The commission said there were no culprits, they did not commit any crime and the prosecutor’s office said the case should have been heard at the full session of the council.

The government’s demand is to invalidate the legal and constitutional action taken by the commission, and Guadalupe Lori, the leader of the legislature, warned that “the removal of the body cannot proceed and he must respect us.”

Legislator Mario Ruiz J├ícome (PK) rejected the action of the prosecutor’s office and confirmed that the report made by the Constitutional Guarantees Commission was in line with its functions.

On the day of the referendum the report was read in its entirety, after which the referendum was held, and by the time Article 130.2 of the Republican Constitution was added, the bodyguards came out and branded it a coup. Conspirators and treason.

On the contrary, Quezada confirmed its statements on last-minute changes to the report, stating that what it said was only true because the recommendations were not included in the report submitted for approval. They are going to make a minority statement that they do not even agree with her co-chair Sophia Sanchez.

He complained that they did not give him the 10,000 documents that came in the case and that even the head of the desk had to pay for the copies to access. No such documents are known to the Commission.

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He said the session was adjourned at the last minute and he did not know where and who met, but the results and recommendations were presented later. That the leader of the desk voted in favor because he was a comrade of the movement.

Fernando Astudillo (UNES) pointed out that lawmakers claiming that there were changes in the report on the Pandora documents needed to prove that the broadcast was live. It is immoral for members of the legislature to claim that changes have taken place.

Virgilio Saquicela (BAN) confirmed that the majority statement on the Pandora documents had no legal, legal or constitutional support because it did not present the facts that were allegedly investigated. The commission did not read any of the 12 million documents allegedly leaked to the Pandora Papers.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat the Constitutional Guarantee Commission. He said he did not share that he had sent information about the Kabaskango case to the prosecutor’s office.

Sofia Sanchez once again pointed out that there was no discussion of the report on the Pandora Papers, which was not allowed to publish its position on the proposal. Not all legislators participated in the preparation of the report because they never received the 10,000 pages attached to the source and report, which became apparent after approval.

Meanwhile, Green Party legislator Patricia Sanchez proposed a change to the agenda of Session 742 to discuss a resolution rejecting the State Attorney General’s Office’s intervention in the review powers of the National Assembly. Pandora Papers. The resolution did not receive the support of the electorate. (I)

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