Shivas removes security elements as the player throws the party

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The scandals in Sivas are not over, Because of shame in court Thrown in the classical We need to add a new action that we have created Removing three security components Of the Rojiplanco team, of names Alejandro Cuevas, Edson Curiel and Irwin Nuno.

These were men Unemployed After the order of the Guadalajara club, he ordered Ricardo Belize It was a dream come true Commitment to discipline, He found it A player organ organized a meeting in Masatlin, After arrival Sivas In the last week.

Alexis Vega is said to be unregulated

Sources told Mediotempo Security forces assisted and co-operated in the meeting, which was organized by Alexis Vega (Same person charged A physical trainer who doesn’t pay you).

A part of the moral code in Sivas says thus Collaborating with immoral people is forbidden and should not be reportedThis is the problem of unemployed guards today.

The investigation into Vega will continue He blamed the incident on a game after a game at Craigan Stadium, to find out if the player is being punished Finished in the draw.

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